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Italian Center for
Research on Risk Reduction
provides a multi-risk approach through multidisciplinary competencies


The Italian Center for Research on Risk Reduction – CI3R, established under the auspices of the Department of Civil Protection, Presidency of the Council of Ministers of Italy, is a consortium formed by research institutes and centers aiming to create a network of multidisciplinary competences to carry out prevention and preparedness activities for civil protection and, more generally, towards disaster risk reduction with a multi-risk, multi-sectoral and systemic approach.

CI3R is a non-profit entity to promote the coordination, enhancement and development of scientific research, technological transfer, and formation activities in the field of disaster risk reduction in Italy, the European Union and within the international context.


Preparation and management, through specific databases and models, of risk analysis, risk assessment and impact scenarios due to multiple hazards, to define holistic disaster risk reduction strategies.


Development of techniques, technological tools, and strategies for disaster risk reduction, also making use of satellite instruments.


Definition of methods and criteria to quantify risks, in such a way to foster adaptation and mitigation strategies and programs, and to develop insurance policies for disaster-related losses.


Dissemination of resilient practices and behaviors among the population and institutional administrations, as a result of scientific evidence and towards disaster risk reduction.


Building and strengthening capacities of disaster risk reduction practitioners through the promotion of a national civil protection academy, with the involvement of relevant institutions, universities, and research centers.



The official kick-off meeting with DG-ECHO was held in Bruxells on February 1st. During the meeting, the partners explained to the Project Officer and to the Commission how they intend to set up the work.
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Yesterday the kickoff meeting of the project was held in mixed mode. During the meeting the partners had the opportunity to discuss the activities to be carried out in the next two years.
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Webinar “Communication Challenges in Disaster Risk Management and Crisis Management”

In the framework of the ROADMAP project, a series of Webinars will be held with international experts on Disaster Risk Management (DRM) issues, with the objective of discussing relevant topics on the management of various phases of risks to find good practices and propose guidelines to the Community of Stakeholders involved in the process at EU, national
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