Call for experts No.1 18/06/2021

The Italian Center for Research on Risk Reduction CI3R is launching a call for 2 experts that shall contribute to the writing of the content of the first thematic paper “Good practices in a multi-hazard risk operations according to a scenario-based approach” of the ROADMAP project and be listed as authors and co-authors.

The ROADMAP project has the main objective to establish a European “Doctrine on disaster risk and crisis management”, funded on the mutual cooperation between scientific communities and DRM authorities. The doctrine, that is intended as “a shared understanding of disaster management between decision-makers and scientific actors”, will be based on selected experiences, good practices and implemented solutions in EU Member States. Three thematic papers will be prepared on relevant themes in the DRM field. The selection of topics for the thematic papers and their critical review is achieved through synergic interaction with a suitably established Advisory Group (AG), formed by experts both on science and decision making in DRM.

For more information on ROADMAP visit the project website

The first Thematic paper, with provisional title “Good practices in a multi-hazard risk operations according to a scenario-based approach”, is roughly divided into 4 sections: 1) Introduction:  Definition and operationalisation of good practices in DRM (what are good practices); 2) Good practices in multi-hazard risk operations (Scenario based approach: choice of some scenarios that cover different situations to have a relatively wide spectrum of hazards/risks); 3) Critical appraisal of good practices; 4) Conclusions.

The work will start as soon as the positions are filled and is expected to be finalized by 30 November 2021. Kick-off and periodical bi-monthly coordination meetings with editors are planned.

The remuneration for such work is 4150 Euros (gross of deductions payable by the employee and tax charges – payable by CI3R)

The deadline for application to the call is 19 July 2021, 12:00 CEST.

The selection will be based on titles and considering the specific competences towards the call.

Pre-requisite for application is to hold a PhD.

The candidates should submit via e-mail the following elements :

  1. documents and titles deemed useful for the assessment;
  2. curriculum vitae;
  3. summary of competences (max one page) highlighting core skills and expertise towards this call
  4. list in plain paper of the titles and certificates annexed to the application.

The open call file and instructions for application (see Art. 7 and Annex 1 of the call) can be downloaded here